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Kiev is amazing and beautiful city. A huge, modern, real European capital. Gold-domed churches with domes of the cathedrals, the broad green banks and the many parks, a powerful combination of monumental architecture and the amazing comfort of the city center will not leave you indifferent.

Kiev - the capital of Ukraine - the largest political, economic, cultural and educational center not only for Ukraine but also in Eastern Europe. In 2012, the main city of Kiev will host the European football championship Euro 2012 is now open the main arena championship - the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

It is not far off the day when the gates swing open our capital for the guests who come to our country at Euro 2012 matches. Kiev his sights for a long time has attracted a large number of tourists, and the upcoming celebration of football in '12 will make it a place of pilgrimage for football fans. Ukrainians do not need to provide capital, but foreign visitors will discover not only Kiev as the capital of a European state, but also as a city, where you can enjoy the rest in between matches of Euro 2012.


Promorolik of Kiev, submitted to Euro 2012 for the foreign guests of Kiev.

Rest in Kiev can be a memorable time that you spend in our country. In the rest of the program must enter walk through the Kreshchatik, the main street of our country, St. Sophia Cathedral - the church, which for centuries was the main sanctuary of Orthodox Christians. In the tour program should also include visits to caves Cave Monastery, which is not only a museum, but still takes the pilgrims who flock here to worship the relics of saints.

Kiev is not only rich in history, is a modern city that can offer all interested persons an active vacation. Visit the Bald Mountain will be interesting for fans of esotericism, because there are still witches arrange its Kiev Sabbaths. Museums, with unusual exhibits, exhibitions by contemporary artists and sculptors will fill an unforgettable experience of all who decided to spend your holidays in Kiev.

Fans of extreme rest will go to the quad, or maps, or bungee jump with a walk down the mountain in Zorba. And our national cuisine, hit every foreign visitor with their originality and diversity. Ukrainian borsch, meatballs branded "a la Kiev" and the famous Kiev cake will be offered to our guests, both in the posh restaurants, and small and cozy cafe in our city.

Come to Kiev and meet his father's long history of Russian cities, the business prospects of Ukrainian business and just Relax and feel this great and good city! We will tell you with a choice of hotels, resorts, apartments, small hotels and hostels, restaurants and entertainment in Kiev. Welcome to holiday in Kyiv, business, training and seminars!

About the Project

Portal Resorts Kiev is at leisure and entertainment in Kiev and the region, is an information project created for the visitors - tourists, businessmen, Ukrainians and foreigners. The presence of advertising on the site - a source of financing for the project, so the content of advertising pages for hotels, restaurants and other facilities intended to attract tourists.

From our side we do staroemsya realistic reviews of establishments and hotels in Kiev, even though they are written in a positive tone, we try to see, and highlight the positive aspects and achievements of recreation facilities, but never deceive visitors. To express their point of view, registered users have comments, with the ability to add photos of real objects. We reserve the right to moderate kommmenty, namely to delete boorish and obscene speech.

In addition, we are happy to answer visitors' questions about hotels and facilities, tell all the real information available - we work for you, visitors!

We refer to many objects of tourist infrastructure and leisure badges *, which do not meet the standard adopted in the hospitality industry designations of stars at the hotel, but rather are oriented in the modern Ukrainian travel realities:

** - Simple object without extensive infrastructure or low levels of comfort and service;

*** - Average, decent and modern conditions, but without the glamor and extravagance;

**** - Means that this object, or offering services and service quality may have a certified level 4 stars, the recommendation is to visit this facility on our website;

***** - The highest level of quality, service, services, including certificated Hotels 4 and 5 stars, unique and best tourist and entertainment facilities of Ukraine, the best advice portal Resort Kiev

A number of comments to the tourist and entertainment facilities we take into account the personal experience of our managers and they may differ from the standard set by the level of objects. Almost all hotels, restaurants and other facilities that are installed our recommendations in the form of characters * were visited by representatives of the portal Resort Kiev.

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